Sunday Set List #172 12/9/2012

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When Pastor Mark mentioned the song In Christ Alone in conjunction with his last point in the sermon, I began thinking how we can do it. I can substitute it for the last song simple enough. Brian and his bass can move up between Dennis and I. Brad won’t have any problem on drums following us. Greg & Shani can change the slides on the fly no problem. This big issue is lyrics for Dawn & Rayann who can’t see the screen; I really don’t want to leave them out. Maybe Dennis will have his iPad with him.

As we go up after the sermon I ask Dennis as we are setting up if he has his iPad, sure enough he does, so I have him get it and put it on the stand for now. It’s a good signal to everyone, congregation included a change is coming. When we get to the last song I instruct Greg on the new song number, find In Christ Alone on my iPad and Dennis finds it on his and we pass it to Dawn and we are good to go after a drawn out intro so Dennis could capo his guitar.

The music team didn’t miss a beat, and the congregation response was worth it! I am always so encouraged when the congregation spontaneously sings out boldly. I sense God’s Spirit at work and his presence in our midst.

It was another good Sunday to be gathered with saints worshipping the Lord.

Here are all the songs we did:

1 Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus Christmas/Advent
Charles Wesley, 1744 Oxford University Press
1 Behold the Lamb of God GITS-Jesus
5548758 © 2010 Shawn Starbuck. All rights reserved.
-1 This Is My Father's World GITS-Father
©2012 McKinney Music,Inc(BMI)(adm by Music Services,Inc) Words Maltbie D. Babcock, Music Franklin L. Sheppard, New words/music Tommy Walker.

SERMON: The Dual Work of Messiah – Zechariah 6:9-14
(Pastor Mark)
1 Have Your Way Prayer-Holy Spirit
Elizabeth Hunnicutt, © 2012 Screaming Steps Music.
0 He Shall Reign Christmas/Advent
222643 Marc Chopinsky ©1988 Integrity's Hosanna! Music
1 Let The Joy Overflow Closer-Evangelism/Missions
Eliza E. Hewitt, 1917, arrangement by Doug Thorsvik ©2007
-1 In Christ Alone Closer-Believe/Trust
3350395 © 2001 Keith Getty and Stuart Townend

1 'We-I' Balance
1 We-I Balance  

MLCC 12/9/2012 Leadsheet PDF for songs above.

Leader/Acoustic Guitar/Vocal – Doug
Electric Guitar/Vocal – Dennis
Vocals – Dawn & Rayann
Bass – Brian
Drums – Brad
AV Techs – Greg & Shani

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