Sunday Set List #70 9/12/2010


This morning had the makings of a challenge when Brad (drums) called and explained the tag team arrangement that was required this morning for him to cover the service and Dawn, Sunday School. A sick child and ministry commitments make life interesting. Warmup on the team went fine without Brad at the drums and the service and even better during the service; Brad didn’t miss a beat. The rest of the team was on the mark too. We tried a new team arrangement this week with the vocals having one monitor and mix and the band and me having two monitors and the other mix. This is a change from the vocalists sharing the worship team leaders mix in their monitor and the bass and drummer sharing a separate mix. The goal of the new mix is to try to tighten up the vocals and I think we are making some progress.

We had our normal outstanding congregational response in song. Mark had another hard hitting sermon from his favorite passage the in the Old Testament. He reminded us that “God honors genuine faith.” 

Here are the songs we did:

-1 Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing Opener-Come to Worship
Words by Robert Robinson Arr. ©1987 Maranatha! Music.
-1 Matchless GITS-Jesus
4639228 Aaron Shust. ©2005 Shustmusic (BMI)
1 Indescribable GITS-Father
4403076 LAURA STORY. © 2004 songs/sixsteps Music/Gleaning Publishing
1 Speak, O Lord Response-Prayer
4615235 Keith Getty & Stuart Townend © 2005 Thankyou Music

SERMON: Beginnings – How Much Do You Trust Me? Genesis 22:1-19

1 Consuming Fire Prayer-Holy Spirit
3818569 Tim Hughes ©2004 Thankyou Music/PRS/ Music
-1 I Feel the Winds of God Today Closer-Serve/Obey
Jessie Adams 1907, Arrangement, updated lyric, added chorus ©1999 Doug Thorsvik

0 'We-I' Balance
0 We-I Balance

MLCC 9/12/2010 Leadsheet

Worship Team for today

Leader/Acoustic Guitar/Vocal – Doug
Bass – Brian
Drums - Brad
Vocals – Teresa & Derek
Sound techs – Clint

Hope you had a great Lord’s Day.

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