Sunday Set List #67 8/15/2010

We had a great Sunday worshiping the Lord together. We went with an acoustic set since Brad and Brian were out of town. It was a nice change of pace and the vocals were exceptionally tight this morning; thanks Aaron, Ted, and Susan. I love the sound of acoustic guitars and Aaron and I had some nice complementary rhythms going.

The congregation was engaged as usual; I love to tell them they are a singing congregation (which is the truth) and I did so this morning.

Rich shared what God is doing in the mission field and the progress in Bible translations and challenged us to step up our level of involvement. Your Amazing Love and Just A Little were excellent reinforcements of his challenging message. We are working harder at singing songs that remind us of what we are supposed to be doing with our lives as we follow Christ, not just “bask in the glow” songs.

Here are the songs we did:

-1 I Sing The Almighty Power Of God Opener-Come to Worship
Words Isaac Watts, Music Trad German Melody Arr. ©1987 Maranatha! Music.
1 Indescribable GITS-Father
4403076 LAURA STORY. © 2004 songs/sixsteps Music/Gleaning Publishing
1 Who Is He in Yonder Stall GITS-Jesus
Lyrics Benjamin R. Hanby, 1866; Arrangement by Doug Thorsvik ©2005

SERMON: Acts 9 – Rich Mattocks

-1 Your Amazing Love Response-Prayer
4010751 JULIE PIEMONTE ©2006 Doulos Publishing (BMI) (Adm. by Music Services).
-1 Rain, Rain, Rain Prayer-Holy Spirit
*** S.Dial/K.Lawson ©2002 Cedarstone Music BMI
1 Just A Little Closer-Evangelism/Missions
Words Rubie T. Weyburn , 1905, arrangement by Doug Thorsvik ©2007

0 'We-I' Balance
[0 We-I Balance[3].jpg]

MLCC 8/15/2010 Leadsheet

Worship Team for today

Leader/Acoustic Guitar/Vocal – Doug
Acoustic Guitar/Vocal – Aaron 
Vocals – Susan & Ted
Sound techs – Clint & Rob

Hope you had a great Sunday too!

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I visited your blog several times about a year ago, before you added the I/We balance graphic, which is an excellent idea.

Do you think, moving forward, Worship Leaders should also be thinking about the balance between vertical worship and songs of proclamation? I find in some worship sets there is a lack of declaration as to who I/we am/are in Christ, and I suspect that eventually we'll come full-circle (partially) back to some of those songs that testify to what Christ has done for us.


Thanks for the feedback on the I/We balance graphic.

Your question on balancing vertical worship (songs directed to God) and songs of proclamation (horizontal worship – songs directed to each other) is an interesting one. It is not one I have a short pat answer on. I believe the most dominant or popular contemporary model is to focus almost exclusively on vertical worship and very little on anything else. In Colossians Paul outlines a broader use for songs. I agree with your assessment that the balance is off.

“We Believe” by Graham Kendrick is one example of the kind of proclamation song I think you are talking about; I put that song in my Closer-Believe/Trust category. It’s not a category of song I have tried to isolate. Of our three Closer subcategories the Believe/Trust one is over represented, but not necessarily with the kind of proclamation song you are describing. Interestingly, I am considering moving this subcategory out of the Closer category into the Response category we already have too many songs in which doesn’t make sense. I believe we need to emphasize the Serve/Obey and Evangelism/Mission subcategories more. We don’t have as many songs in these categories that we sing regularly; I think we need more. I suspect we’d rather “bask in the glow” than think about doing the work – making disciples, baptizing them, and teaching them to obey.

It is difficult to categorize songs into meaningful and useful categories that will allow truly balancing setlist content over time that is representative of the entire counsel of God. I recognize shortcomings in my categorization, but I find the structure better than just winging it. I have tried to choose categories that cover the important topics that need regular coverage, populate the categories, and sing those songs. It would certainly be easier to just choose favorites that are fun to play and sing without any serious thought as to their content but how would that promote anything of substance? I am guilty of doing that in my younger years before I knew any better or anyone else I knew seemed to either.

Lately, I find myself asking as I listen to worship songs asking myself “Is that lyric really true? Is it consistent with what the Bible actually teaches?” I have become pretty picky since we can only do a limited number of new songs and I want them to add something to our playlist instead of just being a similar replacement for a song we are tired of.

I hope these ramblings are of some value to you. Thanks for asking.

By the way, I checked out some of your blog entries at your website; you are a very prolific poster that challenges others to think. I like that!!!

Singing His praises


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