Sunday Set List #30 11/08/2009

Medical Lake Community Church

This morning we had a different worship team configuration.  We tapped Yvonne and Sally from the early traditional service to play the piano and violin and had Ted, Susan, and Dawn from the worship team cover the vocals.  Brad, Brian, Aaron, and I travelled across the state to do the worship music for a men’s retreat.  Our reports via cell phone on our return trip and from my wife after I got indicated the service went well in our absence.  That was good news! Pastor Marks sermon hard hitting and timely.  The music, though different than normal, went very well too.  As it turned out the passage Ted chose to read connected well with the sermon as did the songs that Yvonne chose; we love it when God orchestrates our corporate worship.  Here are the songs:
-1 The Heart of Worship Opener-Come to Worship
2296522 Matt Redman ©1999 Kingsway's Thankyou Music
1 El Shaddai GITS-Father
26856 Michael Card and John Thompson ©1982 Whole Armor Pub Co(ASCAP)
1 Majesty GITS-Jesus
1527 Jack Hayford ©1981 Rocksmith Music
SERMON: Acts of the Holy Spirit – Holding Tight to God in the Midst of the Storm – Acts 27
-1 Just a Closer Walk with Thee Response-Prayer
3062425 Public Domain, Source Unknown
-1 The Power Of Your Love Response-Prayer
917491 Geoff Bullock ©1992 WORD Music, a division of Word/Maranatha! Music (ASCAP)
-1 In Christ Alone Closer-Believe/Trust
3350395 © 2001 Keith Getty and Stuart Townend
-2 'We-I' Balance
MLCC 11/8/2009 Leadsheet (decrease font size to correct line breaks)

Northview Men’s Retreat 2009
Warm Beach, WA

We had a fantastic weekend with the Men of Northview Community Church on the west side of the state. It is such a blessing to serve God by serving our brothers in the Lord.  Brad and Brian were invited last year for the music last year and this year after the return invitation decided to go for a whole band which is where Aaron and I came in. We have spent the last two or so months preparing with special practice sessions.
We packed up our gear at 7:30 am Friday morning and hit the road.  We arrived at around 1:00 pm and got our gear up and running.  Brad and Aaron did a great job figuring out how to work the mixer and get us a mix so we could practice.
Friday night the bass pedal broke (a screw sheared off) in the middle of the first song, but we played through it and Brian creatively worked around the missing bass drum.  Most of the guys didn’t even notice the problem, though some thought something was slightly off, Brian couldn’t believe the missing back beat wasn’t obvious to everyone!
Saturday morning in the second song the cable fell out of the brain for the drums and again we played through it.  Because of how Brian timed his reentry to the song after identifying and fixing the problem in mid song, most of the guys just assumed it was part of the dynamics of the song based on how we had been layering the instruments on previous songs!
Brad did a great job leading especially keeping things going through the problems with the drums and as a result our focus stayed fixed on the Lord and many weren’t even aware that there was a problem.  That’s leadership!
Aaron worked hard developing some tasty electric guitar parts that upped the level of our arrangements and will pay off in our normal Sunday worship sets.
I just enjoyed playing the bass and being part of a team that works so well together. Guys, you are awesome!!!
Fortunately the Saturday evening and Sunday morning sets were free of technical issues.  Overall the music went extremely well and was well received and allowed the worship team at Northview to just come and have fun at the retreat.  We were greatly encouraged by having 50-60 men together singing praises to the Lord. 
We participated in the all the small group discussions; each of us in different groups, so we got a chance to know quite a few of the guys. 
Steve Michiels, the senior pastor of Northview, was the speaker and did an outstanding job.  The congregation at Northview is blessed to have him.  We were so excited about the whole retreat that we want do our own men’s retreat and have Pastor Steve come over and speak to our men.  It will be a first for us.
Well, I’ve rambled on enough.  Here are the songs we did:
Friday Night
-1 The Heart of Worship Opener-Come to Worship
2296522 Matt Redman ©1999 Kingsway's Thankyou Music
0 O Worship the King 2 Opener-Come to Worship
O Worship the King - Robert Grant/Chris Tomlin ©2004 Songs/sixsteps music
1 Holy is the Lord (We stand and lift up our Opener-Come to Worship
Chris Tomlin & Louie Giglio ©2003
Saturday Morning
-1 Everyday Opener-Come to Worship
Joel Houston ©1999 Hillsongs Australia Integrity's Hosanna! Music
1 Indescribable GITS-Father
4403076 LAURA STORY. © 2004 songs/sixsteps Music/Gleaning Publishing
Forevermore GITS-Father
AARON SHUST, BRETT RUTLEDGE, JUSTIN MCKAY and JASON INGRAM © 2009 Bridge Building / White Spot Publishing (BMI) CCLI: 5466830
Saturday Night
1 Consuming Fire Prayer-Holy Spirit
3818569 Tim Hughes ©2004 Thankyou Music/PRS/ Music
0 Strong Tower Response-To God
Peter Furler & Steve Taylor ©2004 Ariose Music
-1 How Great Thou Art V2 Response-To God
Stuart K. Hine: arr. By Charlie Hall
Sunday Morning
-1 Jesus Paid It All Response-To Each Other
Elvina Hall/John T Grape/Alex Nifong © Songs/Six Steps Music(Admin by EMI Christian Music Publishing)
-1 My Redeemer Lives Closer-Believe/Trust
2397964 Reuben Morgan Hillsongs Australia ©1998
0 Mighty to Save Closer-Believe/Trust
Reuben Morgan/Ben Fielding ©2006 Hillsong Publishing
-2 'We-I' Balance
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