Sunday Set List #28 10/25/2009


God blessed us today in worship. 

It seems like everyone is getting sick.  Thursday night at practice, Brad, the worship leader for Sunday, wasn’t feeling well.  Brian, his brother, was at home sick, so we went with out the drums for practice.  I got the call Friday evening that Brad was sick and we talked together about our options if he wasn’t well by Sunday.  Brad and I talked again Saturday night; he had spent the last two days in bed and was feeling good enough to go.  I said OK.

You never would have guessed this morning what everyone had been going through.  The worship team was really tight and focused. The worship response in song by the congregation was amazing to behold.  We introduced “Mighty to Save” to the congregation in our closing song; and it seemed like they had been singing it all their lives.  It was an uplifting ending to a powerful service.

Pastor Mark’s sermon was challenging.  My take away points.  I was reminded that my life is not my own.  His question to us at the end was: What is your religion (Christian faith) doing to your character?  That merits serious reflection.

Hope you all had a great Sunday worshipping the Lord too!

Here are the songs we sang:

1 Your Songs of Praise Opener-Come to Worship
Sean Birtch ©2002 Youbetcha Records

-1 Famous One GITS-Father
3599431 Chris Tomlin/Jesse Reeves ©2002 Songs / sixsteps Music

0 Hosanna in the Highest GITS-Jesus
2286532 Tom Wuest ©1996 Maranatha! Music.

SERMON - Acts of the Holy Spirit: A Word to Leaders
(Acts 20: 17-38)

1 Let the Weight of Your Glory Fall Prayer-Holy Spirit
2790475 Steve Merkel ©1999 Integrity's Hosanna! Music

-1 How Great Thou Art V2 Response-To God
Stuart K. Hine: arr. By Charlie Hall

0 Mighty to Save Closer-Believe/Trust
Reuben Morgan/Ben Fielding ©2006 Hillsong Publishing

0 'We-I' Balance

MLCC 10/25/2009 Leadsheet (decrease font size to correct line breaks)

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Thanks for the leadsheets!
Also had to select new font, otherwise it was all music note font :0

Charlie Hall's arr. of HGTA is our church's fav

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