Sunday Set List #27 10/18/2009

Today was one of those Sunday’s when it was great to gather with the people of God encouraging and being encouraged by others.  Brad filled in for Pastor Mark today and God used him to stir our hearts and seek God’ forgiveness by nailing (literally) our confessed sins to the cross. Congregation participation revealed hearts responding to God.  No new songs, no ambitious arrangements, just hearts and voices focused on the Lord.  The planned acapella ending on To God Be the Glory allowed the congregation to sing out; the unplanned acapella ending on the last verse on In Christ Alone let the passion of the service overflow to the end.  Here are the songs we sang:   

-1 I Will Enter His Gates Opener-Come to Worship
1493 Leona Von Brethorst ©1976 Maranatha! Music

1 To God Be The Glory GITS-Father
23426 Fanny J. Crosby, William H. Doane Arr.©1987, Maranatha! Music.

1 Who Is He in Yonder Stall GITS-Jesus
Lyrics Benjamin R. Hanby, 1866; Arrangement by Doug Thorsvik ©2005

1 Speak, O Lord Response-Prayer
4615235 Keith Getty & Stuart Townend © 2005 Thankyou Music

Sermon:  1 Timothy 1:12-17

-1 I Say Yes Prayer-Holy Spirit
David Stanley ©2002 100% Wool Records

-1 In Christ Alone Closer-Believe/Trust
3350395 © 2001 Keith Getty and Stuart Townend

0 'We-I' Balance

MLCC 10/18/2009 Leadsheet (decrease font size to correct line breaks)

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have you heard tommy walker's "To God be the glory" version? He puts some really interesting chords in the chorus. I love the version he does on his "Breakthrough" album.

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