Sunday Set List #13 6/28/09

We had a great morning at Medical Lake Community Church.

The discussion and interaction in the Adult Sunday School class I lead was invigorating, insightful, convicting and Spirit inspired. Most of class is the worship team and their spouses, so it great team building, but we also have others attending now too.

Worship picked up where Sunday School left off. Brad was leading this morning with heartfelt passion and the congregation was responding whether it was songs or the Bible passage he read. We were all together!!! This was the first time I have played the guitar without leading in I can't remember how long. I was filling in for one of the guys who was out of town during the week and it was a real treat to get experiment some with alternate guitar parts, nothing fancy because I'm a rhythm player.

Pastor Mark's sermon was a hard hitting reminder that God is pleased most when we are faithful in the midst of a severe trial. God has a purpose in it whether we understand and agree or not.

Hope you had a great Sunday too. Here are the details:

Hail the Resurrection Day Opener-Come to Worship
From Hymns of the Russian Church by Brownlie, John, 1920: From the Canon for Easter--JOHN OF DAMASCUS, arrangement
Famous One GITS-Father
3599431 Chris Tomlin/Jesse Reeves ©2002 Songs / sixsteps Music
We Worship A Wonderful Savior GITS-Jesus
Words & Music © Joel Payne /, Administered by The Jubilate Group

SERMON: The Trial That Becomes a Blessing - Acts 8:1-24

Let the Weight of Your Glory Fall Prayer-Holy Spirit
2790475 Steve Merkel ©1999 Integrity's Hosanna! Music
O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus Response-To Each Other
S Trevor Francis, Thomas J Williams, Public Domain
My Redeemer Lives Closer-Believe/Trust
2397964 Reuben Morgan Hillsongs Australia ©1998

MLCC 06/28/09 Leadsheet
(I use a custom font so, you will have to make font size smaller to get the line breaks correct)

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