Sunday Set List #14 7/05/09

Medical Lake Community Church

The highpoint this week came on Thursday night. We start worship team practice with a devotional and prayer; it normally takes about 30 minutes plus or minus. The worship leader for the week, Brad in this case, also leads the devotional. Brad chose Malachi 1:6-14. Here are the questions we discussed:
  1. How did the priests despise God? Verse 7, 8

  2. How does God respond? Verse 10, 13, 14

  3. Is God more concerned with the actual food/animal or their hears as they offer unacceptable sacrifices?

  4. Was their offering required or free will? What's the difference?

  5. How is our service on the Worship Team like an offering to God?
And then these personal questions:
  1. How much time do you spend in preparation each week when you are up to play or sing to lead the congregation in worship?

  2. Are you actively working to improve your skills "outside" of Thursday night practice?

  3. Do you pray for the team as a whole and member of the team individually in your daily quiet time?

  4. Are you giving God your absolute BEST?
We had stimulating and convicting Bible centered discussion followed by prayer. It always helps us transition from work and focus on the things of God. It sets the tone for a smooth practice. We have found from experience practice goes better when we center on God's Word and seek his face in prayer. It delights my heart to see others on the team lead a devotional that is rich and God centered.

As it turned out everyone was not out of town this weekend, so we had a full service. I was off the rotation this week so I enjoyed sitting with my wife and daughter for most of the service as I got tapped to help serve Communion since I was available. It gives me a chance to see and hear what is going on from a different perspective.

For us most services go well and today was no exception. On the technical side I was pleased; the worship team played well, the mix and volume level was excellent. The congregation responded well throughout both worship sets.

Pastor Mark's sermon was hard hitting. One man's obedience (Philip) blessed an entire country (Ethopia). A reminder that God has placed people around us that are ready to hear the gospel message. We may be the answer to the needs of those around us. Will we hear the Master's voice and obey?

Here are the songs:

You're Worthy of My Praise Opener-Come to Worship
487976 David Ruis ©1993 Maranatha Music
Famous One GITS-Father
3599431 Chris Tomlin/Jesse Reeves ©2002 Songs / sixsteps Music
Christ is Risen GITS-Jesus
52662 Graham Kendrick ©1986 Thankyou Music

SERMON: Obedient to the Call of God - Acts 8:26-40

Come Holy Spirit Prayer-Holy Spirit
26351 Mark Foreman ©1982 Mercy Publishing
Worthy Is the Lamb (Thank You for the Cross) Response-To God
3217555 Darlene Zschech ©2000 Darlene Zschech/Hillsong Publishing
Jesus Paid It All Response-To Each Other
Elvina Hall/John T Grape/Alex Nifong © Songs/Six Steps Music(Admin by EMI Christian Music
In Christ Alone Closer-Believe/Trust
3350395 © 2001 Keith Getty and Stuart Townend

MLCC 07/05/09 Leadsheet

(I use a custom font so, you will have to make font size smaller to get the line breaks correct)

Pine Lodge Corrections Center for Women

We only had 15 ladies tonight for worship. Pine Lodge has gone from two units to one in the last month, so the population has been cut in half to about 180. That did not dampen worship whatsoever!!! It is always a joy to lead worship at Pine Lodge because the ladies are worshippers. With a guitar and bass we have a simple sound that I really like; I think it draws more attention to the words of the songs which is as it should be. I really like using Word of God Speak as a lead into to a sermon; it does a good job of preparing to hear God's Word preached. Chaplain Dave had a great sermon on how the government fits into Gods plans and our responsibilities; timely for the the 4th of July.

Shout to the Lord Opener-Come to Worship
1406918 Darlene Zschech ©1993 Hillsongs of Australia, Integrity's Hosanna! Music/ASCAP
How Great Is Our God GITS-Father
4348399 Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Jesse Rivers ©2004 Songs
Praise Him, Alleluia! GITS-Jesus
From Hymns of the Russian Church by Brownlie, John, 1920, lyric revisions and arrangement by Doug Thorsvik ©2007
Word of God Speak Response-Prayer
Bart Millard & Peter Kipley ©2002 Simpleville Music/ASCAP

SERMON: He is in Control - Romans 13: 1-7

I Cannot Ignore Response-To Each Other
©2001 Jordan Fowler Dropknee/Prologue Worship
Blessed be Your Name Closer-Believe/Trust
3798438 Matt & Beth Redman © 2002 Thankyou Music/PRS, admin. by EMI Christian

Hope you had a great Sunday too!!!

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