Sunday Set List #25 10/4/09

Medical Lake Community Church

It was good to be back in church after two weeks on vacation, so no setlist posts.  My wife and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary with a New England cruise and had a great time together enjoying the cruise and the beautiful New England ports of call: Providence, Bar Harbor, St. John, New Brunswick, and Boston.

Our two scheduled vocalist didn’t show up for practice Thursday night; we just pressed on and went with who showed; it’s all good! I gave Brian a break on the drums by requesting that he play electric guitar and have Brad do the drums instead.  Couldn’t get my Guitar pedal to work, so I just went straight into the board from my acoustic (checked out the pedal again after the service this morning and discovered I had my “Ins” and “Outs” backwards, oops!!!)

The service went well; attendance was lighter than usual. The worship team was tight musically, and Brian joined me on parts of songs to add emphasis and some tasteful harmonies.  Pastor Mark had a hard hitting sermon challenging us to take inventory of the stuff in our life that distracts and keeps us from following Jesus more fully.  He took that theme right into the Lord’s Supper and I could feel God’s Spirit moving powerfully through his remarks, the prayers and the songs which all connected together as we partook of the elements and remembered all that God has done for us through Jesus. Yes, it was good to be in the house of the Lord this morning worshipping God together.  Here are the songs we did:

1 Sing the Wondrous Love of Jesus Opener-Come to Worship
Public Domain Eliza E. Hewitt, 1898

0 All Things GITS-Father
1225869 Joel Weldon Hendrickson, Steve Mills, Jeff Crum ©1992 Little Peach Music, Inc. (BMI)

0 Praise Him, Alleluia! GITS-Jesus
From Hymns of the Russian Church by Brownlie, John, 1920, lyric revisions and arrangement by Doug Thorsvik ©2007

1 Holy Spirit of Glory Prayer-Holy Spirit
Lyrics by Mark Hudson, arrangement by Doug Thorsvik ©2007

SERMON:  “Playing  Behind the Curtain” – Acts 19:11-20

-1 In Christ Alone Closer-Believe/Trust
3350395 © 2001 Keith Getty and Stuart Townend

-1 Overwhelmed Communion-Repentance/Conf
Tom Dickson & Joel Weldon ©2000 Little Peach Music

1 By His Blood Communion
Steve Merkel ©1997 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music/ASCAP

1 'We-I' Balance.  
If your curious as to what the ‘We-I’ Balance is you can check out my blog series on it: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.  Part 4 evaluates the ‘We-I’ Balance for the CCLI top 25 songs and the latest Worship Leader Song DISCovery Disk.

MLCC 10/4/2009 Leadsheet (decrease font size to correct line breaks)

Pine Lodge Corrections Center for Women

My son and daughter-in-law flew in on Friday night and out early this morning.  It was great to see them; however, three straight crashes at 11 pm combined with successive early rise times caught up with me!  Couldn’t stay awake this afternoon, so took a three hour nap this afternoon, so I would have enough energy for tonight.

I don’t know what it is about Pine Lodge, but it always seems that I receive more than I give.  Tonight was no exception.  Chaplain Dave wasn’t there so I gave the message in addition to the worship, so the 50 minute service flew by.  The ladies were responsive as always, especially to the two closing songs.  “Who Am I?” is a favorite of theirs (and mine) and “Blessed Be Your Name” is always a good reminder to praise God regardless of your situation.  I know prison life is difficult for women, so I try to have songs that remind them that God has not forgotten them.  Here are the songs we did:

-1 Better Is One Day Opener-Come to Worship
1097451 Matt Redman ©1996 Kingsway's Thankyou Music/EMI Christian Music Publishing

1 Indescribable GITS-Father
4403076 LAURA STORY. © 2004 songs/sixsteps Music/Gleaning Publishing

0 I Am the Resurrection GITS-Jesus
9189 Ray Repp ©1967 UWP. of K&R Music Publishing

1 Let the Weight of Your Glory Fall Prayer-Holy Spirit
2790475 Steve Merkel ©1999 Integrity's Hosanna! Music

SERMON:  Fire from Heaven – 2 Chronicles 6:12-17,6:40-7:10

-1 Who Am I Response-To God
4196651 Mark Hall ©2003 SWECS Music and Club Zoo Music (EMI CMG Publishing/BMI)

-1 Blessed be Your Name Closer-Believe/Trust
3798438 Matt & Beth Redman © 2002 Thankyou Music/PRS, admin. by EMI Christian

-1 'We-I' Balance

That wraps up a rich and full day for me: doing songs with the children, teaching adult Sunday School, music for two different worship services, and a sermon. God is good!!!

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