Sunday Set List #22 8/30/09

We had a great worship service this morning. Highlights were a video and presentation from John and Lindsey Kargbo from Rescue Minstries International who are ministering to blind children (ones who have been discarded) in Africa. The video was especially moving, especially seeing the joy on the kids faces as they sang.

We had alot of extra stuff in the service, so the pastor had to seriously shorten his message which included an important challenge to serve in the body of Christ.

Greg, one of our sound techs, shot video of our service and pictures of the baptism at the lake following it. He did some experimenting and integrated the pictures from the baptism with the video of the last song we did "Will the Circle be Unbroken?". He played it this morning and it was very powerful; a great reminder to those who were present last week that God is at work in our midst. It also highlighted that those who weren't there missed out!

The worship team was on this morning. I surprised them by going acapella for the last verse on our hymn for the morning "Immortal, Invisible , God Only Wise". I could really hear people singing on the hymn, so I decided on the fly that all voices would be the way to finish, and it was. It's always inspiring to hear the church sing together to God!

Our We-I Balance for this week is 2. If you are not sure what that is all about; you can check out my blog last week: “I” Trouble: The “We-I Balance” in Corporate Song (Part 1)

Here are the songs we sang:

-1 I Will Rise Up Opener-Come to Worship
2618887 Mike Ash ©1997 Doulos Publishing(BMI), a division of Maranatha! Music
1 Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise GITS-Father
Walter C. Smith, 1867, Public Domain
1 Who is This GITS-Jesus
5118470 ©Joel Payne/, Administered by The Jubilate Group, UK
1 Speak, O Lord Response-Prayer
4615235 Keith Getty & Stuart Townend © 2005 Thankyou Music

SERMON: Acts 13 - The Holy Spirt Calls to Ministry

-1 Come Holy Spirit Prayer-Holy Spirit
26351 Mark Foreman ©1982 Mercy Publishing
1 Let The Joy Overflow Closer-Evangelism/Missions
Eliza E. Hewitt, 1917, arrangement by Doug Thorsvik ©2007

MLCC 08/30/09 Leadsheet
(I use a custom font so, you will have to make font size smaller to get the line breaks correct)

Hope you had a great Sunday too!

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Looks like you had a great day! God Bless!

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