Sunday Set List #18 8/02/09

Medical Lake Community Church

We had another great Sunday. Brad is leading this rotation of three Sundays, and I get the opportunity to play bass. Because we had a couple of hymns in the set this morning along with some new hymn like songs, we worked the dynamics harder on the arrangments and it paid off. The congregation responded well throughout the service; they were really engaged in a rich lyrical set. Pastor Mark's sermon challenged us to think about our faith and the forms (traditions) we use to express that faith. It's easy to be more committed to our preferences than we realize it, if we aren't careful. Here is the list of our songs:

The Heart of Worship Opener-Come to Worship
2296522 Matt Redman ©1999 Kingsway's Thankyou Music
Cry Holy GITS-Father
4026594 Marc Byrd, Andrew Thompson, Rick Heil ©2003 meaux music/BMI/EMI Christian Music Publishing
Christ Is Risen GITS-Jesus
52662 Graham Kendrick ©1986 Thankyou Music

SERMON: Acts 11:1-18

You Are My King (Amazing Love) Prayer-Holy Spirit
2456623 Billy James Foote ©1997 songs
Be Thou My Vision Communion-Confession/Repentance
Eleanor Hull, Mary E Byrne, ©1976 Hughes M Huffman, assigned to Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
How Deep the Father's Love for Us Communion
1558110 Stuart Townend ©1995 Kingsway's Thankyou Music
Lead Me To Calvary Closer-Serve/Obey
Jennie Evelyn Hussey ©1921, renewed ©1949 this Arr. ©1987 Hope Publishing Co

MLCC 08/02/09 Leadsheet
(I use a custom font so, you will have to make font size smaller to get the line breaks correct)

Pine Lodge Corrections Center for Women

Chaplain Dave was off today, so I had sermon duties tonight too. We had about 30 ladies and a great time of worship. It is always a pleasure to go out to Pine Lodge because the ladies really engaging the the singing portion of worship. My sermons are Powerpoint reformatted Bible Studies I have led where the questions become rhetorical and I talk to them. It allows me to build a sermon within the time constraints I have and actually works quite well. I let the ladies participate in the answers to many of the questions which works quite well in keeping them engaged in the content. Tonight was no exception. I'm never sure who gets more out of the service; me or them. They are a blessing and encouragement. It was a very good night.

"God Moves in a Mysterious Way" is a classic hymn that I added a chorus to and put it to the classic America tune "A Horse with No Name"; the ladies respond to it quite well, so I put it in the set list quite often (Chords, Low Tech MP3). Here are the songs:

Better Is One Day Opener-Come to Worship
1097451 Matt Redman ©1996 Kingsway's Thankyou Music/EMI Christian Music Publishing
God Moves in a Mysterious Way GITS-Father
Lyrics William Cowper, 1774; Arrangement by Doug Thorsvik ©2005
I Am the Resurrection GITS-Jesus
9189 Ray Repp ©1967 UWP. of K&R Music Publishing
Word of God Speak Response-Prayer
Bart Millard & Peter Kipley ©2002 Simpleville Music/ASCAP

Sermon: Songs to God – Part 1 Psalm 28

I Cannot Ignore Response-To Each Other
©2001 Jordan Fowler Dropknee/Prologue Worship
In Christ Alone Closer-Believe/Trust
3350395 © 2001 Keith Getty and Stuart Townend

Hope you had a great Sunday.

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