Why create another worship blog?

Simply this: I haven’t found many voices out there that represent worship ministry in the small church (less than 150 in Sunday attendance), so I sense it’s time to connect in a broader way and contribute what God has and is showing me. I have spent my adult life (30+ years) ministering (when I’m not at my “day job”) in a small church and/or group setting: Air Force moves for the first half and homesteading at the same church for the last half. As a result, I have actively worked through many changes through the years, especially in the area of music and song.

Though collectively the Church benefits from the abundance (songs, seminars, books, videos, software, …) that results from the major influencers of the worship landscape today: ministry professionals and business, I also believe there are other voices we need to hear from, maybe yours!

My blog on “strategic song selection” is just one of those voices and will address a topic that I am passionate about; one that I believe profoundly shapes the faith and, therefore, the lives of believers and the church. I'm looking forward to beginning the dialog with those who are interested.


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