Sunday Set List #88 1/30/2011


We had a Combined Service this morning at the Middle School, so that meant packing up the gear and setting it up this morning. We added some complexity to the normal set up by bringing an electric piano for the choir number with the band. We pulled down some risers from from the stage for the choir. We had some additional set up challenges. We forgot the cables for the direct boxes, but we managed to work around the problem. We couldn’t get the electric drums working through the sound system, fortunately, we also use a separate amp so we were still okay. In spite of all those delays, we got the choir rehearsal and music team rehearsal completed before the service started.

The service went well. In spite of a less that optimal mix for the band, everything sounded just fine for the congregation. Much better than when we have a great mix for the band and I get feedback that it did not sound right in the congregation. Singing went well and the choir did great. Pastor Mark had an excellent sermon on the church. My takeaway:

  I cannot grow properly without you.
  You cannot grow properly without me.
  The local church cannot grow properly without us.

It was a good Sunday together. We had a great time of fellowship with a potluck after the service.

Here are the songs we did:

-1 Before the Throne Opener-Come to Worship
2306412 lyrics Charitie Less Bancroft, alt. lyrics/music by Vikki Cook ©1997 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
1 Holy, Holy, Holy GITS-Father
120927 Netsa Mumford ©1980 Thank You Music
-1 Perfect Lamb Of God GITS-Jesus
4662855 Adam Saks © 2004 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP). Sovereign Grace Music
1 Speak, O Lord Response-Prayer
4615235 Keith Getty & Stuart Townend © 2005 Thankyou Music

SERMON: God Cares for His Church – Eph 4:11-16 (Pastor Mark)

1 Not Of Our Hands Prayer-Holy Spirit
4915966 Steven & Amanda Potaczek ©2006 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing(ASCAP)/Simplistic Records
-1 Living for Jesus Closer-Serve/Obey
Public Domain - 1917 - Words Thomas O. Chisholm, Music C. Harold Lowden

0 'We-I' Balance
0 We-I Balance

MLCC 1/30/2011 Leadsheet

Leader/Acoustic Guitar/Vocal – Doug
Electric Guitar/Mandolin/Vocal - Brian
Vocals – Teresa & Derek
Bass – Jody
Drums – Brad
Sound tech – Clint

I hope you had a great Lord’s day today, too!

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