Sunday Set List #7: 5/17/09

Medical Lake Community Church

  • Another challenging message. My takeaway: An ordinary day can become an extraordinary day whan you are available and willing to let God use you.
  • Brad leading worship with inspiring comments throughout.
  • Response songs connecting to the sermon even though they were planned three weeks in advance and independent of the sermon. I love it when it happens; it's a reminder that God orchestrates all things.
  • Word based discussion in Adult Sunday School Class. Recombining the two contemporary services has allowed me to attend and teach Sunday School Class again. I have really missed it!
  • Playing my Cigarbox Bass again!

O Worship the King Opener-Come to Worship
Robert Grant/Chris Tomlin ©2004 Songs/sixsteps music
God of Wonders GITS-Father
3118757 Steve Hindalong & Marc Byrd ©2000 New Spring Publishing, Inc./ASCAP
My Peace GITS-Jesus
38631 Keith Routledge ©1975,1980 Kenwood Music

SERMON: Acts of the Holy Spirit - What I Do Have I Give You - Acts 3

I Say Yes Prayer-Holy Spirit
David Stanley ©2002 100% Wool Records
A Song For The Nations Response-Prayer
Deanne Rutledge ©1986 Scripture in Song
Just A Little Closer-Evangelism/Missions
Words Rubie T. Weyburn , 1905, arrangement by Doug Thorsvik ©2007

MLCC 05/17/09 Leadsheet
(I use a custom font so, you will have to make font size smaller to get the line breaks correct)

Pine Lodge Corrections Center for Women

Better Is One Day Opener-Come to Worship
1097451 Matt Redman ©1996 Kingsway's Thankyou Music/EMI Christian Music Publishing
He Is Yahweh GITS-Father
3277849 Dean Salyn ©2001 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing
'Man of Sorrows,' What a Name GITS-Jesus
Lyrics Philip P. Bliss, 1875; Arrangement by Doug Thorsvik ©2005

SERMON: The Heart of a Worshipper Part 2 - 2 Samuel 12:13-23

You Are My King (Amazing Love) Prayer-Holy Spirit
2456623 Billy James Foote ©1997 songs
I Cannot Ignore Response-To Each Other
©2001 Jordan Fowler Dropknee/Prologue Worship
Blessed be Your Name Closer-Believe/Trust
3798438 Matt & Beth Redman © 2002 Thankyou Music/PRS, admin. by EMI Christian


  • Singing "Amazing Grace" after we completed the response songs. We repeated the first verse acapella and just let the voices ring out!!! The ladies love to sing and tonight was no exception. (We started 5 minutes early and I wasn't long winded, so we got to sing more.)
  • My last sermon! Chaplain Dave will be back to resume our normal service. The ladies have been really attentive and participative in my sermons and alway offer encouraging comments afterward. I'm not sure who gets ministered to more, me or them.
  • Playing the 4-string cigarbox bouzouki (GDAD tuning) that I recently finished building! Love those funky open chords on it.
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