Sunday Set List #4: 4/26/09

Medical Lake Community Church

We had another good service. Technically we had no major glitches and everyone on the team played and sang well, but more important, the congregation was really engaged and participating in the singing. That is always an encouragement to me and everyone on the team.

This was our second time with the congregation on "You Are Holy" and it went better than last week, having a female vocalist for the ladies part this week helped. The pastor liked the way we changed how we sang it this week; we did it exactly the same way! What we did do different is update the PowerPoint slides to reflect how we actually did the parts which reinforced how important it is to have the slides match what you are doing if you want the congregation to track with you.

"Spirit" was a great song to follow the sermon on the Holy Spirit coming at Pentecost. It's a slower reflective song so I use a pattern pick on the guitar; the bass player has some nice slides, and we had a rare (for us) treat of some keyboard fills behind the song.

"I Cannot Ignore" is really growing on me; this is the fourth time we have done it, but the first time with the merged contemporary worship services, so it will take some time to get every one up to speed with the syncopated rhythm.

The song that really hit home for me was our closer, a hymn (we do at least one every service), "Lead Me to Calvary". Not only does it work well on the guitar, it's a rich, beautiful, and very singable hymn. The last verse is a challenging prayer:

May I be willing, Lord, to bear Daily my cross for Thee;
Even Thy cup of grief to share, Thou hast borne all for me.

You Are Holy (Prince of Peace) Opener-Come to Worship
Marc Imboden ©1994 Imboden Music (Admin. by Music Services) / Martha Jo Publishing (Admin. by Music Services) CCLI
Matchless GITS-Jesus
4639228 Aaron Shust. ©2005 Shustmusic (BMI)
All Things GITS-Father
1225869 Joel Weldon Hendrickson, Steve Mills, Jeff Crum ©1992 Little Peach Music, Inc. (BMI)

SERMON: The Acts of the Holy Spirit: The Comforter has Come - Acts 2:1-13

Spirit Prayer-Holy Spirit
From Hymns of the Russian Church by Brownlie, John, 1920 Arrangement by Doug Thorsvik ©2005
I Cannot Ignore Response-To Each Other
©2001 Jordan Fowler Dropknee/Prologue Worship
Lead Me To Calvary Closer-Serve/Obey
Jennie Evelyn Hussey ©1921, renewed ©1949 this Arr. ©1987 Hope Publishing Co

You can checkout our leadsheets at (I use a custom font so, you will have to make it smaller to get the line breaks correct):

You can check out what songs other churches are singing at:


I haven't heard "I cannot ignore". Going to check it out.

Yeah! Another You Are Holy this week! We did it also. Having it in a singable format on the slides is a challenge - it is definitely the longest (slide-wise) of all the songs we do! Blessings!

Dude, that is awesome how you guys are using I Cannot Ignore. If you get even a board recording of it, I'd love to hear it.

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